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"Tommen helped restore her to herself. He had never been more precious to her than he was that morning, chattering about his kittens as he dribbled honey onto a chunk of hot black bread fresh from the ovens. 'Ser Pounce caught a mouse,' he told her, 'but Lady Whiskers stole it from him.'

I was never so sweet and innocent, Cersei thought. How can he ever hope to rule in this cruel realm? The mother in her wanted only to protect him; the queen in her knew he must grow harder, or the Iron Throne was certain to devour him. 'Ser Pounce must learn to defend his rights,' she told him. 'In this world the weak are always the victims of the strong.'"
A Feast for Crows - George R.R. Martin

- A Feast for Crows, Cersei IX