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"Men's lives have meaning, not their deaths."

Gerris pointed to where a corpse slumped against a brick wall, attended by a cloud of glistening greenflies. 'Did his death have meaning?'


Quentyn looked at the body with distate. 'He died of the flux. Stay well away from him.' The pale mare was inside the city walls. Small wonder that the streets seemed so empty. 'The Unsullied will send a corpse cart for him.'


'No doubt. But that was not my question. Men's lives have meaning, not their deaths.'


A Dance with Dragons, The Spurned Suitor


Not entirely true, I think, but I agree with the sentiment, especially in the context of this world. It seems to me that too many characters are trying to die meaningful deaths, rather than live meaningful lives ... (and I suspect that, in typical GRRM style, since Quentyn doesn't want to learn this lesson, he's doomed to both lead a meaningless life and die a meaningless death -_-).