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A Feast for Crows - George R.R. Martin

Can I just say, I love, love, love Brienne! The last few pages of her chapter just now were awesome! I love how strong and honorable she is - but at the same time so human that she starts crying as she's killing her enemies.


Favourite bits


Brienne's training as a knight (aka "Poor Brienne :(")


It may be that I will need to kill him, she told herself one night as she paced about the camp. The notion made her queasy. Her old master-at-arms had always questioned whether she was hard enough for battle. 'You have a man's strength in your arms,' Ser Goodwin had said to her, more than once, 'but your heart is as soft as any maid's. It is one thing to train in the yard with a blunted sword in hand, and another to drive a foot of sharpened steel into a man's gut and see the light go out of his eyes.' To toughen her, Ser Goodwin used to send her to her father's butcher to slaughter lambs and suckling pigs. The piglets squealed and the lambs screamed like frightened children. By the time the butchering was done Brienne had been blind with tears, her clothes so bloody that she had given them to her maid to burn.


This sort of made me wonder ... has Brienne never killed anyone up to this point? Because I was pretty sure she had O_O



Pod coming to the rescue


Shagwell was on his knees when she turned, looking dazed as he fumbled for the morningstar. As he staggered to his feet, another stone slammed him in the ear. Podrick had climbed the fallen wall and was standing amongst the ivy flowering, a fresh rock in his hand. 'I told you I could fight!' he shouted down.


Plus the entire fight scene ... but that would be way too long for a quote xD