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Simple Stories: Ein Roman Aus der Ostdeutschen Provinz

Simple Stories: Ein Roman Aus der Ostdeutschen Provinz - Ingo Schulze A very interesting read! Not least of all because of the way the story (or rather the stories) are told. At the beginning of the book one might perhaps think that this is going to be a series of independent stories, with each chapter telling the tale of a different character - but that is not the case. Instead it is gradually revealed how all of the tales are carefully woven into each other, with characters meeting and talking about each other, bit by bit revealing how they're connected and detailing how the story of person A ends up influencing the story of person B. It's truly a very exciting read, as the full picture of the community is only gradually revealed to the reader, and the tiniest mention of an event in one of the early chapters might end up being a hint to the outcome of the story of another person who only gets his tale told towards the end! I loved almost every second of reading this book - even though I had to read it for uni ;)!