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A Dance With Dragons - George R.R. Martin

So, I've now gone from feeling absolutely bored by the Jon chapters to loving every bit of them - you can really feel the tension rising and I'm dying to know how this is all going to end. Will Jon be sacked from his post as the Commander of the Watch (if that's at all possible)? Will he go and rescue "Arya"? Or will Arya(?!) actually come to the Wall? What did Melisandre see??? I can't waaaaaaaait to find out!


The Dany chapters are getting progressively more exciting as well! I really don't know what'll happen with her - but it looks bad! I get that she can't run ... but ... RUN, GIRL! She's like a sitting duck in that city ..


And before we leave - something unbelievable has happened: I was actually on the edge of my seat reading a Davos chapter. Don't get me wrong - I like Davos! He's a sweet guy ... but his chapters are usually not exactly the most exciting ones. This time around though ... boy. I wonder where Manderly has sent him now. Where in the world do they eat human flesh O_O?