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A Dance With Dragons - George R.R. Martin

So, even with work and writing a paper for uni I’ve managed to read 350 pages of this book so far this week ... o_O How do the pages fly by so quickly? If this was a regular book I’d probably already be done with it - or at least very close to finishing. Must be magic ...


Exciting stuff has been happening again! I just finished Theon’s last chapter in this book ... boooo! It was just getting so suspenseful - GRRM can’t just leave me hanging there! Did Theon and Jeyne survive that fall? And even if they did, did they manage to get away? I can’t imagine that you can just jump from the battlements without seriously hurting yourself and surely they’d be able to catch them ...?


I like that Dany is being quite nice to Quentyn - I don’t know why, but I was expecting her to be somewhat mean to him, for whatever reason. I really feel for her though. That last scene I read, when Missandei finds her crying after her first night with Hizdar ... :( Poor Dany. She’s so alone. She really needs a friend - and I think she really needs to leave Meereen behind her, even though I get that she doesn’t want to abandon her subjects. I just have a feeling that with Hizdar in power now she’ll be side-lined really quickly ...


In more positive news: JAIME! Oh my God, I got to read a Jaime chapter again :DDD (yes, I love Jaime to bits ...)! I loved how honourable he was trying to be during his negotiation with Blackwood - even though I wasn’t too keen on his rudeness to the son afterwards (shhh, it’s okay Jaime - it’s okay to be the hero in the story sometimes, no need to revert to your former dick-ish self ...). But OH GOSH Brienne! So she’s alive ...


That was the good news - now for the bad ... WTF?! I hope she’s not actually leading Jaime to his doom now DDD:?! I know that happy endings are extremely unlikely in this universe ... but do we have to go all out Romeo and Juliet with these two? Pleeeeease no! I couldn’t bear it if Jaime lost all the respect he has found for Brienne :(!


I won’t lie though - the most exciting part for me was still when Jon thought that he might see Arya again. I literally had to stop reading for a bit to calm my nerves xD. Even though I knew it was impossible that he would actually see her - still, his anticipation and happiness that he might be able to talk to his little sister again ... it really touched me. I really hope these two are going to see each other again one day.