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A Dance With Dragons - George R.R. Martin

Last 60 pages people! Nearly done! Only one more Jon, Barristan and Daenerys chapter left - and the epilogue of course! Excited!!! Especially since at least two of these chapters should hopefully blow my mind ;-)! Yay for Dany and Jon!


What else has been happening though? As I thought/hoped I got to know more about Theon through Asha's POV chapter - and it was glorious! Thank God he's free - him and Jeyne both! I'm excited for what's in store for them in the next book!


I also really enjoyed reading about Tyrion - I feel like he finally has got his groove back and he's ready for some smart little scheming and intriguing! I'm really excited how he's going to turn the second sons back to Daenerys' side in the next book. I'm sure it'll be epic! Plus, I'm actually really excited to see what will happen to Penny. She's one of those minor characters which I really grew to love throughout this book and I love how protective Tyrion is of her. They've got a sweet friendship I think - even if it's slightly imbalanced in that Tyrion is obviously in charge. But Penny is actually very persuasive in her own way - I don't think that many people could have persuaded Tyrion to ride a pig ...


Anyway, see you at the end of the book ;-)!