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Arthur & George - Julian Barnes

I really like this book so far, mostly because the characters are fascinating! It's told from two alternating points of view: from "Arthur's" and "George's". As becomes clear pretty quickly, the "Arthur" in this story is actually Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and as a Sherlock Holmes fan it's incredibly interesting to read about the author's life and his relationship to his most famous creation (which wasn't a great one, famously).


What's truly incredible is that even with such a well-known titular partner, the "George" in this book is really quite equally interesting - I really enjoy his unique perspective on the world. It's very British, in a way xD. He's really quite proper and ordered in his appearance and dealings - and he's in love with the law ;). But he manages to be quite charming and endearing at the same time - just a sweetheart really.


To sum up: I love it so far!